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Compassionate Counselling in Delta, BC
-individual counselling for individual needs

When you are looking for caring and skilled counselling in Delta, BC, trust Cedar Counselling to provide the assistance you need. I offer a variety of treatments and therapies to help treat addicton, trauma, and compulsive behaviour. I focus primarily on Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) as well as the DeTUR and FSAP protocols.

I want my patients to feel safe and relax in my office so that they can begin their healing processes. So when you or a loved one needs therapy, reach out to my office to schedule a session.

Understanding EMDR Therapy

Often times the mind can heal itself naturally, the same way the rest of the body does. However, when a particularly traumatic or emotionally overwhelming even occurs, such as a car accident or abuse, your natural coping mechanisms can become overloaded. This overloading can lead to unpleasant experiences that remain isolated and unprocessed in your memory.  These unprocessed memories can lead to feelings of anxiety, panic, anger, and depression, even without you consciously remembering the original trauma.

EMDR therapy helps to create new connections within your memories so that your mind can process and clear away the negative impact of the trauma. During a typical session, I will ask you to focus on a particularly negative memory and then guide you through the EMDR process. I will ask you to follow my fingers with your eyes as I move them across your field of vision. This helps simulate the same rapid eye movement that happens while you sleep.

With repeated sets of eye movements, the memory will become less intense and will eventually be no different from any other memory of your past. During the counselling session, I will ask you questions to direct the healing process, but we will not need to talk about the details of the trauma. 

Contact Cedar Counselling when you need counselling services for yourself or a loved one. I proudly serve clients in Delta, BC, and the surrounding areas.





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