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Cedar Counselling 

EMDR Therapy in Delta, BC
-individual counselling for individual needs

DeTUR Protocol (Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Processing) Therapy

This method is a way to reduce and get rid of triggers and urges that you experience with any addiction: substance use, gambling, sex addiction, shoplifting, eating disorders, angry outbursts and compulsive behaviours. We will do the same preparation as EMDR to ensure emotional safety and to choose ‘targets’ or problem behaviours you want to change. Your brain is doing the processing work as your eyes follow the bilateral movements of my fingers. You are in control and can choose to end the session at any time. We will also focus on creating new ‘templates’ for a lifestyle without your addiction. Abstinence from the drug or behaviour is not necessary as long as you are sober during our sessions. As you clear triggers and urges, your desire to use alcohol for example, will lessen and fade away.


FSAP (Feeling Statement Addiction Protocol) Therapy

FSAP is another way to get rid of addictive behaviours and beliefs. The theory behind this technique is that it only takes one event to create an addiction. All you have to do is have a very positive experience with an object or behaviour to create an addiction. For example, a person may experience a positive feeling state with a rush of emotion using credit cards. A feeling state of freedom, power or independence may get linked to the act of maxing out credit cards. 

Using bilateral hand movements across your visual field, the positive association between the feeling and addiction is decreased and eventually gone. Once you no longer feel ‘compelled’ or ‘driven’ to max out credit cards, we will continue with basic EMDR to resolve the original feeling or belief about yourself that created your addiction. Again, this process is done at your pace, with emotional safety and it is your brain that is making the necessary connections. The final step is to work on healthy ways to experience freedom, power and independence. FSAP works well for a range of problems including drug and alcohol addictions, sex addiction, gambling, shopping, anger, and co-dependent relationships. Contact us today to learn more about EMDR therapy in Delta, BC




















Enlighten  Empower  Liberate